Can't locate my wallet for 0.25 XCH block reward

I was using hpool for a while and then switched to space pool and farming from chia wallet, both official pooling.
recently my plots won 4 blocks while I was farming on space pool but I didn’t get my 0.25 xch reward after a while.
I use an offline computer for my payout wallet and have set it through chia GUI and space pool option and I’m getting my rewards daily with no problem.
when I checked my Farmer rewards address and Pool reward address on the machine which is farming I didn’t recognize the address and it wasn’t same as my payout/offline wallet address. then I changed those both addresses on farmer machine.
now when I check it this address from GUI I get a message that says
“No private keys for one or both addresses. Safe only if you are sending rewards to another wallet.” which was not there before changing it, this got me thinking that the previous address private key was stored on that machine but I have no idea how to access it.
from space pool guides I read that it’s possible that hpool software modified that farmer reward address which in that case I don’t think I can get it back. it’s 1 XCH though! the balance in that wallet is untouched as well.

I don’t actually think Hpool changes anything in your Chia Setup (although i’m not 100%)
Corepool did this for sure.

Hpool uses it’s own custom miner that accesses the plots directly so they have no need to change your chia config. It can run without even installing Chia. Although it is possible that it changes the config anyway when it is there just just case people are trying to double farm or something like that.

Have you used any other private keys/seed phrases on that system? In your case I would suspect this. farmer reward address can stay the same after update/re-install or login with different keys.

I did have a separate key which I used with OG plots while pool option was still unavailable, when it become online I’ve created a new key and started to plot NFT plots. then used Hpool software for a while before switching to space pool. I’ve checked the old key and the wallet address was not the same.
my wallet to save my XCH were different all these time.
how can I try to access that unknown wallet assuming the keys are on that same machine? any suggestion?

Your private key can have an unlimited number of different receive addresses though, so the address you see as receive address doesn’t have to match the famer reward address, while they are still going to the same wallet. I would at least install with the old key (maybe even on another machine) and let the wallet db sync to see if anything is there in the wallet. Better be sure.

As for retrieving a key from the local machine without the seed phrase…I think it might be possible at least before the chia version with extra password but I have no idea how to do it.

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I have won a new block today, let’s see where the 0.25 XCH goes. I have changed the addresses already!

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so I’ve got the new reward in my wallet as I supposed and the good news is that I have synced my first wallet today and all the my 4x 0.25 were there :slight_smile: so nothing missed and hpool didn’t change my reward address it was just the old address!