Can't send more than xxxxx in a single transaction

Can anyone explain why I can’t send the contents of my wallet (0.729 XCH) to another address (my cold wallet)… The mojos reported in the message are the same amount I’m trying to send, which looks suspiciously like a glitch. I get this error:

The GUI will let me send smaller chunks, but not let me clear my wallet totally, which seems strangely restrictive.

The message says you are trying to transfer 729749634010 XCH. Not .729***. Notice the missing decimal?

Thanks. Yes I did notice that. I was trying to transfer 0.729749634010 XCH but it looks like the message states the same amount but in mojos.

Have you tried to transfer everything but one mojo? Maybe it requires you to leave something in there.

Yes, I sent 0.3 XCH, then 0.3XCH. After this I still could not send the full remaining balance (which was ~0.129749…), so I just sent 0.12XCH, leaving me with ~0.009749xxxxx remaining in the wallet. So it’s quite clear that you can’t empty your wallet fully.

They must have changed something then, as I had no issues sending my full first reward leaving no change behind, that was only 6 ish weeks ago.
I find it hard to believe they would implement such a change, but you never know.

It was me being a dumbass and not factoring in the transaction fee :roll_eyes:

Glad you sorted it, im surprised the network is requiring fee already when it’s still so small.

You need to discount one mojo from the total, this mojo must be added to the fee field.

We shouldn’t need fees, unless pooling has wrecked free transactions.

Thank @MarioD - That’s what I did in the end to get the transaction to go through. Its only 1 mojo, so no big issue for me.

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I have done many transfers with a zero set in the fees. You have to put a zero (not just leave it blank). But I have never tried to transfer my entire balance. I figured I would never want to do that because there is a fee to change pools and I wanted to make sure I always had a small balance in case I wanted to do that. So if you don’t want to pay a fee, just leave a small amount in the wallet and the transfer will work fine.

I’ve transferred full balance with 0 fee, its not an issue.