Change border width -- Linux -- xfce desktop

I am running MX Linux, xfce desktop.

The borders are very narrow, and you have to be a surgeon to grab the hair’s length border to widen a window.

I have looked through every menu item, and every tab within those items, to no avail.
I also searched on their forum.
I also searched via duckduckgo.
I also searched youtube.

Perhaps I am not using proper Linux language in my searches?

I do not know if this is MX Linux specific, or an xfce setting, or a Debian setting.
Does anyone know how to change the width of the window edges to make them easier hook and drag?

I though that I would ask here, before posing the question to their forum (because if I do not write my question with precision, I risk the scorn of trolls looking to score imaginary victory points).

It seems you dont need to grab the border but can do this, well, according to google.
I dont use linux so its not tested by me.

“Simply hold the Alt key, right-click somewhere inside the window and drag to resize. It works well and complements the Alt-key method of moving windows: holding Alt and left-click drag on anywhere in the window”

Edit. Source. wiki xfce


Yes, I saw that, and I tried that.
It allows me to stretch the window vertically, and only vertically.

99% of the time, I want to widen windows, and the “alt right-click” does not do that.

Ah ok, hopefully someone knows.

Edit, out of curiosity i had a quick read, it seems the theme you choose controls the border size.


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I tried, again, with the “alt right-click”, and got it to work.

Apparently, the interface decides which border you are adjusting, based on the location that you click, within the window.

I had assumed that if I alt-right-clicked, and dragged left or right, it would adjust the window in the direction that I was dragging.

But if you are not close enough to that border, it will not drag that border.


Maybe just try something more friendly to use, since the borders seem to be hard to pull for you, I never used MX Linux, I prefer Gnome to Xfce. I would recommend Ubuntu, Mint, Pop OS, … You can check a list of other Linux distros here:

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Give “open indiana” a try if your a true believer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This works perfect for me. Thanks.

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For my default setup using MX/XFCE it works flawlessly for me. It doesn’t where I place the cursor so long as it’s reasonably near the corners, it always works in 2D.

The window appears to be divided in 3rd’s. If the cursor is in the center 3rd, the window adjusts in 1D.

If the cursor is located anywhere in one of the edge 3rds, it moves the corner in 2D.

Whatever your issue is, it might be a configuration error of your specific implementation.