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Quick question to everyone around. I started plotting / farming about more than 2 years back, almost right in the start. I have got about 400 Tb of disk space full of some OG plots and some pool plots.

I am reading something about compressed plots on the forum now. What are compresses plots and what is the advantage I will get if i re plotted my plots now.

Compressed plots are incomplete plots, that your GPU and / or CPU completes on the fly, when a plot needs to provide a proof.

By using compressed plots, their file sizes are much smaller (and varies, depending on the compression level that you choose). Thus, you can store more plots on your drives.

How much you should compress your plots and have them be usable will depend on the power of your computer (mostly the power of your GPU) and the number plots and the “k” size.

The higher the compression that you use, the more work your GPU will have to do to complete the plot(s) on the fly to answer a proof. The harder your GPU works, the more electricity you use, and therein lies the question of the cost of using compressed plots and at which compression level.

There is also the electrical cost of re-plotting.

There is also planning for the scheduled filter halvings, which will put more load on your GPU.

Lastly, there are three applications (as far as I know) to choose from.
You can stick with the official Chia release, and use its compression.
Then there is Gigahorse, which compresses better.
And there is also NoSSD, which also compresses better.

Each has their trade-offs with efficiency, security, ease of use, etc. All seem to be reliable.

Lots to consider.


Thanks for your reply. I have a few relatively high end GPU’s ( Nvidia as well as AMD) which I can use on this old ubuntu pc which has all the drives. the cpu is relatively old.

what is the best way to go about it.


you are an amazing person.
Very polite and patient.
Many people would answer “RTFM”…

You help people.
In today’s “fast times”, such an attitude is full of admiration and brings me a lot of joy!


If you decide on bladebit to make compressed plots, you can create different plot sizes upto c7 and then simulate a filter test to see if they pass the proof test with bladebit.
Read this: Choosing a compression level | Chia Documentation

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I don’t think anyone is supporting AMD GPU’s for plot compression yet, I know Nossd isn’t for sure doesn’t support AMD GPU’s yet.

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