Changing farming rewards target addresses in GUI

I am currently using 2 computers to plot -with one being the Main node. However -i noticed that the farming rewards address on my Main node was different from my wallet receive address -so i manually changed it in the GUI -I hope this was the right and correct method to update -since there is an option to replace the address and save?
Thank you

Welcome to the forum Bobby’s!

Yes, that is the way to change the rewards address. If you want to be very sure, make sure the yaml.config file has the correct address as well.

Are you running the GUI on both machines or is one a harvester? Running the GUI on both will run Full Nodes on each PC which will cause network issues if not configured correctly.

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Hi thanks for the welcome!
I am struggling with the programming -but managed to disable upnp on my other machine.
Can you advise how to find and check the yaml.config file?

Sure it is in


(where user is your username)

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ok will try that-thanks

Ok - have found the path -but how do i actually check the yaml file to see if it has the correct address?

Open the file in notepad or the editor of your choice, then edit the part of the file with that setting.

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