Check out the new NAS I just set up for my Chia farm -- USB JBOD

With action shot!!



Nice! Is this like the opposite of shucking?


The JMicron controllers in the WD drive enclosures are absolute garbage, you really don’t want to use those… here’s me copying to NAS with the bundled WD enclosure … that’s 77mb/sec

Here’s me copying to NAS with an Orico $28 enclosure (same drive, same NAS, same cable, same USB port … literally the only variable is the enclosure)… that’s 187mb/sec

Pic of the evils inside the shucked WD Elements circuit board

Closeup of the evil JMS579 from JMicron on that circuit board, in all its satanic hellfire glory



Anker 4 lyffeeeeeee!


The only thing I think of more evil is the Seagate 4TB drive I started using for storing completed plots… once there were a few parallel copies to it the throughput rate was measurable in bytes/sec not megabytes/sec!

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Well it ain’t pretty but it gets the job done and I can migrate the drives easily to servers later…

And check out this happy lil’ guy


How much do those Orico enclosures run? I have a few drives lying around that I don’t have power bricks for that would do nicely to have one of those.

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$28. They are slightly fancy, aluminum shell, but I’ve found you get crap chipsets in the really cheap stuff, so I’d rather spend a tiny bit more and get something truly reliable. I like that it has a multicolor LED so it flashes red when active, on top of the blue being on. And I also like the independent power switch on the back.

(I mostly chose that brand based on the Orico NVME enclosure being of extremely high quality.)


I’ve been eyeing rack enclosures, but I don’t have that many drives yet. Someday!