Checking plots from 3rd party computer


I have been plotting on a separate machine and copying those plots over to my full node machine. But due to my full node machine not yet being synced, I have not been able to (or do not know how to) confirm that the remotely created plots will actually work with my full node machine.

Is there a command I could run, on my full node machine, to have it test a specific plot so that it will tell me “yay” or “nay” on whether that plot will be given the green light upon eventually syncing?

I tried:

chia plots check

But the above looks like it checks all plots (and will take a long time to check all plots), whereas, I want to check a specific individual plot.

How can I confirm that a specific plot is associated with my private key / wallet (or whatever the proper terminology is)?

On the 3rd party computer, the command that I use to create the remote plots is:

chia create -t some_ssd_temp_dir -d some_spinning_hard_drive_dir -f some_value -p some_other_value

For the above -f and -p values, I got them from running

chia keys show

…and got the -f value from the “Farmer public key”,
…and got the -p value from the “Pool public key”.

Can you please confirm that I am doing this correctly, and how to have my full node machine verify that the remotely made plots are good?

Thank you.

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It is simple, use chia plots check and specify the path. The plot check will match on any part of the filename, so if you match on the first part, you are implicitly matching the drive, like so:



I copied a few plots from the guest machine (that will never be synced) over to my host machine (that is slowly getting synced).

I ran:
chia plots check -g plot_filename

The above showed me 1) the correct farmer public key, and 2) the correct pool public key.
It also reported that the plot was valid.

But I am still not confident that the word “valid” means what I hope that it means.

Does “valid” simply mean that the plot is properly constructed?
Or does “valid” mean that the plot is valid for my wallet – that it is tied to my private key?

Thank you.

yes, that’s what it means :wink:

Is there a way to confirm that the plots are tied to my wallet / private key?

I’m not sure. It does list a private key in the plot check command but it seems to vary per plot.

Yes, I checked a few plots that I created on the host machine, and saw that those private keys varied.

I know that when my host machine eventually syncs up, that it will report on how many plots that I have.
But at the current rate it is syncing, and the rate that the target number keeps rising, it might take me a week or two to finally be fully synced.

During that time, I am creating plots on the remote machine. I just hope that I am not wasting my time.

I am using the -f and -p options via the remote machine’s:
chia create
command line.

Are those the correct options for tying the plots to my host machine’s private key?
Are there other options that are required?

Basically, I am looking for the exact command line for creating plots elsewhere.
I know how to fill in the cryptic stuff for the options. I just need an example of creating a plot on a remote machine via the command line – just to make sure I am not wasting weeks of plot creation.

Thank you.