CHIA 1.1.7 - High CPU usage during plotting throughout

Has anyone noticed 1.1.7 is using much more CPU usage? Before the update, plotting normally sits below 30%, but it is now constantly above 60% and even reaching 90+%. I am plotting exactly the same as before.

Was plotting even changed in 1.1.7? I don’t believe so.

Yeah I don’t think anything changed with plotting in 1.1.7…

Thanks all, maybe just my machine.

i got same problem, even when sync takes high cpu usage

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Thanks for the confirmation.

I have an AMD 1700 which has been running fine for ages, previous (pre 1.1.7) CHIA use a lot less CPU before, and no changes were made to my machine, it seems funny that the constant high CPU usage (I am even seeing frequent 90%+ usage now as well). Currently plotting 8 plots in parallel, which I had no issue before.

Taken a screenshot so far

I think I see the problem now, the high CPU usage seems to correlates with the number plots that have passed the filter. Why I didn’t see the high CPU usage before as I had less plots and mean less passes through the filter. Now I have more plots (not many, only 258), I see more plots been passed and each time I can see my CPU usage shoot right up.

Maybe time to upgrade my CPU… or maybe not, as I will probably stop at 300 plots as I have not won any XCH, so probably not worth upgrading the CPU for the sake of it.


This is why most people have separate plotters and farmers. No need to waste resources on farming when a Raspberry Pi can handle.

I’d also check the validity of your plots just in case.

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dont spend any more money at moment, giving the price and the situation better work on what you already have.

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Thanks, I’ve checked the plots when it was around 100, not done it since, will run it again. :+1:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will hold back, although the PC is quite a general purpose machine as well, also used as a Plex server and File server which has regular backup run every night.

It does all that pretty well, so I’ll stick with the Ryzen 1700 and hold of getting any more HDDs. Cheers

Thank you for spending the time to figure out that it was the passed filter checks using your CPU and for passing this important information back to us.

I’m sure this information is out there, but I have had some difficulty understanding if and when I need a separate farmer and now I get it. :grinning:

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Yes,plotting became more difficult with 1.1.7.I created plots on my nvme drive for 8 hours with 1.1.5.And now it takes 24 hours to create a plot.

Could you explain on your fingers,please,how can I separate plotters and farmers using Raspberry Pi.Should I buy Raspberry Pi and and make it a whole unty with my PC or what?I’m sorry for my ignorance.
Thank you in advance.

Here is how you would setup farming and harvesting (and plotting for that matter) on multiple machines.

The Raspberry Pi would be your farmer + harvester only. Your plotters can also have harvesters running on them before you move the drives over to the Pi. The Pi is very low powered so it is an optimal farmer in the long term. As far how many USB devices, as many as you can per Pi, which I believe is a theoretical max of 127, maybe 126 because the Pi uses a USB device for itself outright for other uses.

For the plotters, just plot on them, maybe even have a harvester running and move the drives over physically when done to the Pi. Pretty simple.

Thank you but it’s difficult to understand in details when you are 60.I will do my best to figure it out.