Chia 1.6 released


first of all doesn’t seem missed transactions has been fixed. also looks differently, very sparingly. looks like anothers persion is in charge of composing it now.


Just installed it on my VM farmer to run through.


Wallet-only actually synced after loads of dust spam filtering.
It is turned on by default

Time to make the donuts

Keep us updated pls, i need to upgrade but ive seen a few complaints of connection issues on recent releases.

Filtering how?
They dont appear in transactions?
They need to be reported for taxes, although they probably dont add up to anything.

You don’t need to report dust as tax since it is a gift and worth less than a dollar.

After 200 , 1000000 or less is filtered i think it said

In the UK its fees received for securing the chain and needs reporting.
We can only gift to certain ppl, strangers arent included.

200 what?

In that case you need to add two new settings to your config and set the filter to off.

Edit 200 dust transactions received, i think.

Mine hit that easily since I have about 17000 or 34000 depending on which log you look at

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i wonder what are all talking about

Ah, ithanks, i have very little dust inputs, under 20, maybe under 10.
Calcd my taxes yesterday, your numbers would be a pita for me.