Chia 2.0 GPU Farming Stops after a few hours

Hi, I am farming a mix of uncompressed and compressed plots on Windows with the newly released 2.0 software. The compressed plots are created with bladebit_cuda on ubuntu and then moved to the Windows machine. GPU is enabled in Harvester settings as is compressed plots. This setup works for 4-5 hours, and then Points found in the last 24 hours stops increasing. The uncompressed plots continue to farm no problem. When close down the app and start up again, it goes back to normal and the cycle resumes. I farm compressed plots on one pool and the uncompressed plots on a different pool.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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What GPU are you using?

I’ve not experienced it myself but I think what you may be seeing is GRR errors, which stops farming until you restart the harvester.

This appears to affect 10 series cards and Telsa 4 (Pascal series I think??) - search the debug log for GRResult

Ah! Yes, I’m using a GTX 1050 Ti. So maybe that’s it. Thanks again for your help!

Trying 2.0.1 beta to see if anything is fixed. However, while farming seems to be working and node is sync’ed and I see plots passing filter and my pools reporting activity, on the Farm page, it says both Sync Status and Plots Passing Filter as Not Running in red.

Anyone notice this? Or should I switch back to 2.0.0 release version?


Is this the correct command line to restart the harvester after it crashes?

chia start harvester

Or do I need to shut it down first?