CHIA and god13,5

Im looking for insight on god transfer rates god storage capacity and god price per tb written
And please dont ban me

WTF is god? ( 20 chrs )

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Genesis 1:11-31 ERV

Then God said, “Let the earth grow grass, plants that make grain, and fruit trees. The fruit trees will make fruit with seeds in it. And each plant will make its own kind of seed. Let these plants grow on the earth.” And it happened. The earth grew grass and plants that made grain. And it grew trees that made fruit with seeds in it. Every plant made its own kind of seeds. And God saw that this was good. There was evening, and then there was morning. This was the third day.

Given that there are ~320’000 plant species on earth and many plant species need a father and a mother, its safe to assume god created 640`000 plants in one day.

So god`s transferrate is ~7.61 pps (plants per second)


Jokes aside:
there is no easy answer. If your system des not support pcie gen 4 ssds, its nonsese to get one. you can get one but it wont be faster and it will presumably run hotter than pcie gen 3 nvme.
If it does, however, pcie gen 4 ssds are WAY faster (provided you can cool them properly under sustained load)

Cooling the ssd is critical or your performance and TBW will plummit.

Furthermore, as discussed in How do SSDs fail? - #25 by Fuzeguy
Manufacturers TBW are just a mere wild guess as manufacturers cannot test the actual TBW of their drives (often in the PB zone). It is however agreed on that larger drives have a larger tbw as well (and might offer slightly more speed and/or allow for larger plots)


The guys already got a nvme, if he wanted to be plotting hed be at it already…
Instead theres just a barrage of daft questions.

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And there came the women to get the guy in trouble!!!

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Yes she duplicate him

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Agreed - NVMe on a good office PC is pretty good already, we’re talking 30 or 40 minute plots (40+ plots/day on an i7)?

The Bladebit crew seems to like the big RAM setups, and then they can argue over transfer speeds and 5 to 10 minute plot times - it’s really the next step of one was serious about plotting. It’s way beyond my needs but it’s neat to read about. Speaking of which, Bladebit 2.0 looks pretty great for lower DRAM setups - it might be worth looking into Announcing Bladebit 2.0 - Chia Network

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Looking into? I’ve been plotting w/it for a long time… 1st pre-release…but now released. Just go for it … what’s the worst that can happen … :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: can do it!

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So long , god bless ur sol!

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Its never safe to assume

On a single CPU system, I have it working, on a dual cpu with 512gb nothing.

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