Chia as a tree15

Can we use chia to produce a digital tree representing the blockchian ?

can you specify further what you mean?
By nature, a chain is usually straight:

whereas a tree is usually interlinked:

Chains are also interlinked? Hence they’re a chain?

I think he was just off on his terminology. Trees are branched. So they are not a straight chain. If a blockchain is ever branched, that is normally not a good thing. You could look back a Bitcoin and probably draw it as a tree. But each branch created a new (less popular) product that is basically there because there are people that didn’t switch to the new tech.


Chain is made from chaining something, the blockchain is more then a chain it has aspects from manyteritorys. U can represent the hardware the propet the coins the piat value the interest and the effect on the invayarment . Try add some color to the mix hardhend the pieces togheter add the chivas fork and we might be in the right direction .
Anyway we are getting rich