Chia Blockchain 1.3.5 Released


  • Added Support for Python 3.10
  • Performance improvements in harvesters during plot refresh. Large farmers likely no longer need to specify a very high plot refresh interval in config.yaml
  • Added CLI only .rpm and .deb packages to official release channels
  • Fixed an issue where some coins would be missing after a full sync
  • Enabled paginated plot loading and improved plot state reporting
  • Updated the farming GUI tab to fix several bugs
  • Fix infinite loop with timelord closing
  • Simplified ubuntu version tracking
  • Fixed memory leak on the farm page
  • Fixed list of plot files “in progress”
  • Various farmer rpc improvements
  • Improvements to the harvester get_plots RPC

Known Issues

There is a known issue where harvesters will not reconnect to the farmer automatically unless you restart the harvester. This bug was introduced in 1.3.4 and we plan to patch it in a coming release.

I highly recommend updating if you’re on 1.3.4 or an earlier version of 1.3. The main branch has been running stable for me for over 2 weeks, and already updated to 1.3.5 yesterday without issue. Luckily, I haven’t run across the problem with harvesters not reconnecting.

I also installed the 1.3.5 yesterday on 2nodes and 4 harvesters no problem so far. I like how in the plots tab now it shows the local harvester and the remote harvester along with the plot count. I’m also testing 1.3.6121.0 beta’s on two machines 1 farmer and 1 harvester.

Didn’t see any material improvement in farm startup time on my farm with 19470 plots. I use default settings for the plot refresh. It still takes some 10 minutes to scan all the plots.

Notably, if you installed chia software 1.3.4 using apt-get as described in the instructions:

sudo apt-get install chia-blockchain-cli

… the Ubuntu GUI automatically detects new version of Chia software and suggests to install it using the software updater. It went smooth for me.

Alternatively, through CLI:

sudo apt-get upgrade chia-blockchain-cli
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