Chia blockchain netspace drop May 9th 2021, any explanation?

Hello, any explanation for this drop?

(maybe pre 1.1.5 issues? i dont know…)

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Yeah, that’s pretty weird, also pointing out - anyone knows what’s going on? I noticed, that top2 farmer disappeared (around 9% of net), maybe someone earned enough and just chillin on Hawaii now :smiley:

Our, if its true, there are starting replotting to farming pool now to be ready, its its true its coming the 17 May ^^


That is going to be one scary correction upwards once everyone is updated…

It could do with a bit more advertising on the importance of this. In the release notes it says “not mandatory”

I don’t think this is the only thing going on.

HPool’s netspace (according to their stats, which are unaffected by the Chia network) has remained more-or-less constant for the past day (and their users don’t have to upgrade).

There’s no technical reason they’d stop growing exponentially too - their users just largely stopped adding plots. Maybe people are scared now or exponential growth has become unsustainable in general.

I read somewhere on reddit that Hpool was taking half of the winnings from its users?