Chia clawback transaction stuck on pending

Yesterday I created a new wallet to transfer all my funds to.
Just in case something goes wrong I created a clawback transaction and sent it to my new wallet.
At some time I got the transaction, but was distracted by something and did not press the “claim” button.
And now the “claim” button on the recipient’s wallet is gone, so as the “claw back” button on sender’s wallet.
I’ve attached both recipient’s and sender’s wallets’ screenshots.

Also here is the info from chia wallet get_transactions:

Transaction xxx
Status: Pending
Amount received in clawback as recipient: 46.7 XCH
To address: xch1...ymhl
Created at: 2024-03-09 15:12:36
Recipient claimable time: 2024-03-09 15:17:36

What shall I do now and how to solve this issue?


I had this happen to me too in the past. Its likely stuck because your gas limit is low. Click on “Actions” then Delete Unconfirmed Transactions. Then resubmit your transaction with higher gas fees & it should go through. I use higher gas fees now & they go through pretty quickly.