Chia Cold Wallet (second wallet) is not completing the sycn

When I created the second wallet(twice attempted) on the common node both times it would not complete the second Wallet sync’ as oppose to the first wallet which completed
Both times as indicated below from the log, it won’t go past 328127 and so keeps on bouncing around between “syncing” and “not syncing”.
feedback is appreciated.

2021-08-04T15:08:22.031 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_node : ERROR Loop exception in sync Was not able to add blocks 328127-328159. Traceback (most recent call last):
File “chia\wallet\”, line 580, in sync_job
File “chia\wallet\”, line 660, in _sync
File “chia\wallet\”, line 537, in batch_sync_to_peak
RuntimeError: Was not able to add blocks 328127-328159

Don’t know whats causing it, might be worth posting on github as a bug though.

I would try to delete the wallet database files and then start the app again, that seems to solve many issues

If you’re going to raise it as a bug, try to get the terminology correct.
A cold wallet should not be connected to the Internet, so should not sync anyway.

I appreciate that doesn’t help you.

Ate you using the latest client?
Not syncing was a known issue that had a fix applied.

Yes you are correct it does not help me.

The Cold Wallet was always going to be disconnected when the keys are deleted,
only following advice from these forums as I work my way through it.

Yes I have the latest client.

Is there anything else you can’t help me with?

Nope sorry.

As for cold wallets, they should never be online, should be created in an air gapped computer, or else they are hot wallets not cold.

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I was reading on reddit, no idea if it’s correct, but in the comments it’s mentioned they don’t all need to sync.

Some like to sync their second, soon to be, cold wallet before air gapping the pc. This way when you want to use the wallet you do not need to load the entire chain from scratch. I believe you can also immediately transfer coins you already had in the blockchain before you air gapped and turned the wallet cold. Any coins earned after you turned the wallet cold would not show up again until you processed the blocks you won them on.

Ppl define things differently.
My opinion, a hot wallet can never become cold, once the keys are exposed its a hot wallet even if it’s offline.

I don’t think you understand how a cold wallet works.
If you have no connected wallet then coins cannot be transferred out of it. Coins will always end up pointed at the wallet whether it is cold or not, but you cannot use any coins you have earned unless you sync the wallet.
You do not “expose keys” by syncing your wallet.

I understand perfectly what a cold wallet is.

With most crypto you sign the transfer by the offline cold wallet, move that transaction to a hot wallet and broadcast it to the network.
It gets accepted as it was signed offline by a valid key.

How do you transfer anything from a wallet that has never been sync’d? It will have zero coin in it.

You have to sync the wallet to the block where you earned the coin before you can use or transfer it.

A wallet that has never been synced is useless until you do.

I’ve wasted enough time “debating” this silly side thread.

Be well.

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Lol, I’m not arguing, I’m debating, and i charge 2xch per 10 mins :wink: