Chia Deposit / Withdrawal on Exchanges

It seems more and more exchanges are stopping support for Chia Deposit / Withdrawal.

  • OKEx: Suspended since at least two weeks, for “upgrade”, support not able to provide a timeframe.
  • BKEx: No withdrawal - option was available on 20.12
  • DCoin: Temporarily unavailable.
  • LBank: “Pause” since at least 20.12 - Support suggest to wait for announcement and not reacting for asking for a timeframe.

Seems i will be giving a try…

Is it only me or is trading XCH a huge pain?

Are you sure on these things.
They don’t tally with my experience

Maybe I just had bad luck picking exchanges.
Did you try with any of the exchanges mentioned above recently?

I’m at okex, had no issues depositing.

OKEx has maintenance… nothing unusual: deposit works, yet withdrawal is under maintenance.
Lots of coins have lengthy maintenance periods on those exchanges - I have been playing the waiting game with OKEx since around 3 weeks… fingers crossed it will not be too much longer :wink: works perfectly fine; might too, have not tested it.

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Seems OKEx “only” suspended withdrawal right now.
So you could send XCH to OKEx, but that would be a bad idea as your only chance to get your coins back is to sell them too low. Price on OKEx is 5% below price on other markets.


You do things your way, ill do them mine.
Everyone follows different trading / selling strategies.

If your not going to sell them, they shouldn’t be on an exchange anyway IMHO.

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I agree. Problem is I want to buy XCH and it makes no sense if I can’t withdraw it from the exchange.


See discussion:

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I have used since June. I have 16 complete transactions (that is a deposit, a purchase and a withdrawal for each transaction). I have had absolutely no issues. I know gate has some bad reviews. But I haven’t had any issues.

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I deposited 0.247 XCH to Lbank on the 1 December, IIRC I deposited it there because I couldn’t send it to (that now allows deposits/withdrawals by the looks of it). However, it never appeared in my wallet at Lbank, and it is still in the XCH address that Lbank told me to send it to, that address holds exactly what I deposited. It was shortly after this that Lbank stopped taking XCH deposits. On the 4 December I had an online chat, which was very hard work as they wanted an Lbank transaction record number, which of course there wasn’t one. In the end they just told it would be credited to my account once they started taking deposits again, which hasn’t happened yet. I also wouldn’t bother trying to trade XCH there liquidity is terrible. Looking just now there is only 16 XCH spread between $100.5 and $135.9, on the other side there is just 4.5 XCH spread between $88.8 and $100.4 with just fractions available at each price, its been like that for ages. Looking at the graphs it shows about 400 traded every hour somehow.

This makes little sense to me.
What they should have wanted is the tx hash that was created from the send, that you can obtain from an explorer.

Sounds like a case of misinterpretation.
I’d reach out to them again if it were me.

They did ask for a TxID (I took that to mean Transaction ID), but when I asked where I can find it they said it would be included in the details of the transaction, but I had no idea where to find them and they wasn’t much help. When you say it was created from the send, I sent the XCH from Forks Green, can you explain how I find this tx hash please?

Edit, actually looking on XCH Scan it shows a TXN Hash, presumably that’s it? All The Blocks doesn’t show that.

Certainly. Find an explorer, you may need to check a few, as not all bother to show txid.

Input the address you sent the coin from into the explorer search bar.

Look through the transactions from that address till you find the one in question, you should see what looks like nonsense numbers and letters, kinda like an address, that will be your txid.

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I edited my reply - I checked XCH scan, that shows a TXN Hash, which I presume is the same thing?

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Yes, that will be it.

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Thank you, I’ll have another go on their chat.

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All they say is “Hello. The XCH recharge channel has not been opened yet. Need to wait for the opening to arrive”, and they are not saying when it will open either, guess I’ll just have to keep waiting. Thanks for the help.

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I’ve never heard of a recharge channel lol, but you chose that exchange so its in their hands now.
If the coin is on the address as you said they’re not being very professional.

Hang in there, hopefully in time you will get it back.

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My 0.247 XCH finally appeared in my wallet today :smile:

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