Chia did not follow eth price again

hello guys,
as you readed chia did not follow eth and btc price again.
i belive our price going to down again.
what do you thing? are we going to down until 1 dollar ?

Chia never has closely tracked BTC pricing, and almost nothing closely tracks ETC pricing.
LARGE BTC moves (like the huge rise to the 60k+ level a while back) will drag it along partway at best.
Why do you ASSUME it ever has?

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Having watched the correlations across all coins since the last peak, it’s become clear to me that institutional investors are simply using retail crypto investors as a piggy bank.

Meaning, they’ll be taking profits long before the market gets to “Lambo” level ever again.

It would appear they’re exiting Chia entirely to focus on big volume coinage.

I don’t like to say “never,” one never knows, a world war could upend those dynamics, but as it stands, crypto is now working for the rich.

The market right now is 10-15% off it’s ALL TIME HIGH for BTC.
It’s been AT the “Lambo” level for months.

If you invested 10 years ago, maybe. “Lambo level” means at least 10x in a current market, as happened in the first few crypto cycles.

That’s never happening again.

yesterday btc and eth raised chia did not move.
today btc and eth falling down and chia price destroyed again again and again.
always same… :frowning:

Possibly not - but I’ll point out that kind of comment was made before the current BTC runup from around the $4000 range to around $70,000 at it’s peak.

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