Chia farm for sale $3800

This is an oman gaming computer 30L with 32gb ddr4, 1tb m.2 drive, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor. Windows 10 chia farm computer. It has just under 300tb in plots. Make a few bucks in XCH a day. Looking to sell the whole farm. The owner of the computer controls the wallet. Willing to ship


Will not allow me to post pics only links. 2 hdds housed in tower, rest are in fan cooled terramaster 4 and 5 bay enclosures. Hdd sizes range from 8tb to 18tb. All plotted and running. Can provide video of everything upon request.

For the critics, this is my first day on this forum, im trying to figure out how to post pics and what not. If you dont like my post, i dont care. It is what it is. If your interested i can provide any information you want. Its been farming on space pool since pooling was adopted by chia. Currently running the newest chia software with no issues

Yes, please let me take over your already farmed plots and wallet. What could go wrong?

I don’t see 300TB fitting in there. Maybe post some better pictures.

They will only let me post 1 pic per post


You can always actually list all the specs of the farm. It doesn’t restrict you from typing. And it would help a lot if you posted the pic, not a link to the pic.

Good luck

from which country are you shipping?

Im located in the united states.