Chia Farm for Sale - UK

I am selling a Chia Farm and Plotter on behalf of a friend who has moved from the UK to Australia. I’ll try to answer any queries as I can, but here’s what’s included:

Fractal Case with Corsair RM750 PSU
Rog Strix Motherboard with Ryzan 5 CPU and 64GB HyperX RAM and ASUS GTX1060 GPU

5x 4TB WD Red Drives + 1 disconnected
3x 12TB WD Ultrastar Drives
2x 8TB HP Enterprise Drives

6 External Drives:

1x Seagate 1TB
1x Seagate 4TB
1x Seagate 8TB
3x WD 12TB My Book

Accessories also included:
Small LCD Screen
Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
Assortment of cables, such as power and display.

Plotter as pictured.

More pictures can be provided (unable to upload due to being new user)

To be sold as a complete bundle, requested £2,500 Ono via PayPal

Happy to arrange Delivery with UK - Buyer Purchases

Keep dreaming with that price. It is ridiciolus of that computer and few drives and some of them very old usuless small ones.

It’s always nice to have friendly and constructive feedback - especially when stated it to help out a friend

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A sale is sure to find critics, oddly often saying the same “too expensive”

Oh no doubt! It’s always good to be courteous and polite, though.

Some advice on what would be considered reasonable wouldn’t go a miss, to help set expectations for my friend

Honestly it looks like a joke offer.

Okay, I ask again…

I think the crew is used to $10/TB and the free computers that come along with all the people bailing out this last year. I bet you guys can make the sale though, some of these posts linger for a few months and it’s exactly what someone is looking for. The 8TB-12TB drives for example are generally my jam, but I’m on the wrong continent. I say hold firm, you’ll get a bite - a 100+TiB farm will have a buyer.

The problem is that small drives are just not profitable to farm given the cost of power in the UK, even an 8TB disk is borderline non profitable last time I saw any reports. The rest of the hardware is pretty basic, nothing really special.

I know it’s more work, but you’d be better off selling it piece meal.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with anything less than 16TB, I sold off my smaller drives a longtime ago.


If your willing to sell seperately id pay £8/TB for the 8TB or 12TB Drives, do you mind saying what county/region you are in and if youd be happy with collection?