Chia Faucets List

I’m creating this thread to compile a list of all Chia faucets. Please reply if you run a Chia faucet! I’m attaching the ones I know below:

Chia Faucet
Claim some XCH daily through the faucet! We offer a reward 10000 times the amount of the official Chia faucet. Additionally, you can play games to earn more Chia.

Chia Garden Discord Faucet
Claim XCH every 24 hours in Chia Garden’s discord server.

A Chia faucet that can be used every 6 hours.

Official Chia Faucet
The official faucet from the Chia team. Get some mojo and practice creating and interacting with smart contracts.


You can check Faucets - ChiaLinks - Chia Cryptocurrency Resources as well for an up-to-date list.

1 Like looks like scam. Is it really working?


It seems like it doesn’t work, I recommend using the other faucets.

Especially using our faucet at our payouts are the fastest of the three faucets so you can test quickly, plus we have most transparency with payment proofs page. Additionally, you can get more Chia just by playing the games.

There is a new one faucet work every hour.

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There’s also a new one at . It’s really nice to see that my first-ever XCH Faucet has led the initiative for others to create more faucets!

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Please add us to this list :smiley:
Get up to 0.05 free XCH every hour!
Mainnet + testnet

Plz add a new XCH faucet to this list
100000 mojos per hour and fast credit ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: