Chia Friends NFT Royalties Address

Hello all.

I have one of the Chia Friends NFTs #9929 and i was wondering how you check what the royalty address was. It was minted to a xch address i use for pooling but then i transferred to my cold address.

I can make an offer from the cold address to sell it, that doesn’t seem an issue however, I believe it’s got ‘in perpetuity’ royalties of 3% but i’ve no idea where the future sale royalties will go - would it be the minted xch address, and how do i check?

Thanks all

Randomly, this has also just turned up:

Seems a scam so im doing nothing with it.

LOL. That random NFT is from annoynation[.]com

AnnoyNation NFT Art Installation

Experience the most annoying NFT project on the Chia Blockchain today. Using your precious SSD storage space to our own amusement.

Seems to exist to exploit the current NFT standards.

As to your original question, there must be a way to see the address that will receive royalties, but none of the explorers I tried seem to reveal it.

I searched the Chia source a bit and didn’t find any commands that reveal it, but it is definitely a part of the NTFInfo structure which is easily accessible if you have the address.

I may have the answer.

On i think all royalties go to the Marmot Recovery Foundation!

Donating 100% of royalties

We’ll support one of our favorite mammals by donating all on-chain royalties to the Marmot Recovery Foundation. If you don’t plan on trading your NFT, you can also directly donate.