Chia full node not farming local plots, only remote

I reinstalled chia with 1.3.4 as i had some issues that the remote harvester were not able to connect.

Remote Harvester and Full Node are running on 1.3.4 now.
the remote harvester connects to full node and the full node shows the plots correctly:

Farming status: Farming
Total chia farmed: 31.762719489001
User transaction fees: 0.012719489001
Block rewards: 31.75
Last height farmed: 1876965
Remote Harvester for IP:
13325 plots of size: 1.288 PiB
Plot count for all harvesters: 13325
Total size of plots: 1.288 PiB
Estimated network space: 27.563 EiB
Expected time to win: 5 days and 3 hours
Note: log into your key using ‘chia wallet show’ to see rewards for each key

But local, i have another ~ 10 Petabyte which are scanned by plot check, so they are recognized but the local harvester is not using them. Any idea ?

That’s just plain weird.

I assume you already checked it, but you sure the update didn’t mess up the config of the plot directories?

BTW, might be useful info, what OS are you on?

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
as i had some issues i did not use the old config. i created the new from scratch. As said, the plot check command recognizes all … but the harvester doesn’t load the plots. No entry in the log.

I think i fixed it … it seems a trailing slash at the harvester mount points is going crazy. The plot check finds the plots, but the harvester not.