Chia Gpu Plotting Quick Question

Is there any possible way to make plots using gigahorse on my 3080 (bc it’s way faster than using my 5900x with 64gb ram on the official chia madmax) with no compression so I can transfer them over network to my main server and they work with the windows official chia gui and not show up as failed?

Instead of trying to use GH, why not use the original Madmax plotter if you just want plots without compression?

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Because my gigahorse plot time is under 10min my madmax is 50min

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What is the size of the GPU completed plot?

I am asking, because it is my understanding that GH plots use what we are calling compression (when it is actually incomplete plot creation – which the GH farmer completes on-the-fly when the plot passes the filter).

Ergo, smaller plot size means faster creation time. But the smaller (incomplete) plot is incompatibly with the official Chia farmer / harvester.

The GPU is still very fast for plot creation. But a part of that is due to the plot’s final size.

So what is the size of one of your completed GH plots?

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66gb compared to the 106gb. Even then the Gpu plotter is still twice as fast. Do you know if I can plot uncompressed plots with a Gpu?

I do not know.
But there should be a list of compression choices. Is one of them “0”? If so, maybe that will produce a complete plot that will be compatible with the official Chia farmer / harvester?

That’s why I’m here :weary:. The lowest was a compression level 1 which at first glance and without putting much thought into it I thought it maybe meant no compression but I was wrong when it came out only 66gb and “failed” in the gui.

Do you mean that you are using the GUI to create the GH plots?
Check the command line help to see the compression level values it will accept.

Even if “0” is not listed, try it anyway.

You had a good idea, but it looks like no such option exists. But try the command line, and set the compression level to 0. It will probably fail. But it is worth finding out.

66GB is just wrong, a K32 compressed plot is bigger than that, even a 68.1 GiB, C1 is 84.2 GiB.


Also there was that arc_plot program that didn’t get much traction (compression hit at the same time and the Chia community was moving on). It was GPU plotting without compression. I can’t vouch for the tool other than that the dev seemed nice enough.

Oh, and as the others stated, part of the speed in Gigahorse is the smaller file so this method will be a tick slower than Gigahorse.

I could easily be wrong. I plotted 3 of them and deleted them all last week due to not being able to farm them on the gui like all all my other drives.

Windows will report slightly smaller file sizes, but would need to be c8 or c9 to be that size.

Back to my original question… you havent heard of Gpu compression level 0 plots right?

Only on Bladebit_Cuda, but that requires 128GB of ram, once they release the newest version - its available to build, but not currently to download.

I’ve not used GH for a long time, you seem to have it why not just try plotting a C0, and then you will have you’re answer, seems simple enough.

Ok got it. Thanks for your help!!

Just tried it setting -C 0 doesn’t work.

There’s your answer.

The latest Bladebit plotter released yesterday supports 64GB of RAM, give it a little while longer and should be available with bugs ironed out.

Is there anyway you could link the new Bladebit Gpu plotter?

This one is the latest, but it only works on Linux, Windows version next week

Edit: Don’t use for 256GB plotting.