Chia GUI 2.2.1 Confused on plot information

So I just started Farming Chia again recently. I had some OG plots when I started, but decided to replot everything on a c7 level using CHIA GUI. When I started this I wanted to start pooling again. The problem is after plotting for some weeks I can’t tell if I’m

  1. Farming to a Pool Farm - or -
  2. Solo Pool.
    I forgot which one I picked!
    How do I check to see if my Pool is Solo Pool - or - Pool Farming
    Also if this is setup for Solo Farming, I’m assuming that I just start a new NFT and everything plotted new including previous plots will transfer to that NFT?
    Looking around at everything I can’t tell if it’s Solo - or - Pool Farming with keys etc.
    P.S. I do have the pool address as SpacePool, but I’m assuming you can do that with Solo as well. I just want to make sure it’s Pool Farming for weekly XCH

Plots are plotted to the plot NFT or OG, you can’t change that . Look bottom left of the GUI, think it’s pooling or NFT, that should show your plot NFTs and what they are linked to or not.

yes, I understand all that. I know where my plots are. They on my pooling NFT. What I’m trying to figure out is how do I know if they are Solo Pooling, or Farm Pooling?

Never mind apparently I thought that you connected ‘BOTH’ Self Pooling and Farm Pooling to pools I just found this…
Using the CLI
You now have two options:

Self pooling: this plot NFT will not be connected to any pools, and the 1.75 XCH will go directly into your wallet. This is different than OG (original) plots, since OG plots are locked in to self farming forever. From CLI:

What I was getting at is shown below, look at the status for the two plot NFT’s, one shows solo, the other shows that they are pooling are which pool they are connected to, and the stats. Pretty sure that answers at least part of your question.

Perfect! If someone would have said it stated “self pooling” rather than Pooling, I would have known. But thank you for the image it did help. There were a few other people, but they just messaged me rather than answering here.

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I was at work earlier, so going from memory.