Chia halving 88.60 % completed

Chia halving 88.60 % completed. When 3 years time is completed the chia reward will be reduced to one. Probably this will be in the year 2024. I hope that time one chia per block may not be enough to pay for the electricity consumption resulting some farms to close. Any idea?

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Thats been the case for many, like me, since the prices of electricity began to rise in 2021.

Please cherish the xch in your hands now, it will become extremely expensive in the next two years。


Going to the fucking moon


@whale lol, based on what?

I hope the farmers decide to hold their XCH and tighten the supply instead of selling at losses or shutting down.

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I am already on the ragged edge. Most of my Chia storage is metal I would already have spinning. But if the price stays low and the rewards go down it will become an issue.

Less dilution of the XCH value will result in a sudden bump in price, provided selling does not intensity

In my opininion, halving of the xch reward will cause a rise because if a product is supplied less, the price will go up (rule of trading). So I predict the price will be about $ 50-60.

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In my opinion, much of the valuation will depend on the overall situation in the crypto market. If Q1/2024 is bullish, there is a chance for $50-80.
Second thing - if “someone from the TOP list” comes with a train of cash (because he wants to implement his program to make money, without even taking into account whether XCH is useful, how it is perceived, or what the condition of the network is), we can very surprised … in both directions.
Moreover, we must hope that central banks will not seriously start creating their own digital money in the coming years…
If CHIA Inc. will not make mistakes by slowly climbing the ladder of popularity, capitalization, etc. - crypto XCH will have its place, maybe even with 3-digit $ values in the coming years.
But all this is just wishful thinking and predictions from a crystal ball.
The market is unpredictable. Of course, it is always better to have a vision and some of this “bullet” will help (e.g. thanks to the efficiency of CHIA Inc.) - but we have little influence on it.

I hope that none of you took out a loan to build a farm, sold your wife’s car or defrauded your daughter’s future dowry…