.\chia keys add not checking subdirectory

hey guys, so in powershell i ran .\chia plots check and ran a check on all my plots. NOTE i have been gifted 11 plots from my dad, who thought he’d try chia out. after plotting for 11 days he got 11 plots, and decided to give them to me. we copied the plots onto a hardrive which i now have the computer connected to my full node.

so I have added a private key to my chia node using .\chia add keys then the mnemonic. this seed phrase had 11 plots (plotted) on a hard drive which were plotted on another machine in another house. this hardrive was gifted to me, and i wanted to add those plots to my already plotted hardrive.

right- when i add the private key given to me using powershell its added the private key with the public key fingerprint., when running

.\chia plots check -g driveD

(the drive with the gifted plots on) i get a response from the command saying

not 'checking subdirectory'

does anyone have an idea of why this might be ?

This usually means it found a subdirectory when it expected a list of plots, and it is hinting to you that it will not look in that subdirectory unless you explicitly tell it to?