Chia moving from Keybase to Discord

I haven’t seen anyone talk about this here, so I will share it.

Chia is officially moving away from Keybase to Discord. They are using a specific procedure to join, so make sure to read the rules.

Here is the official invite link :


When clicking on this and filling out the check box and click Resquest Permission

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I got the same “This interaction failed” message.

“Interaction Failed” is it unfortunate issue we were experiencing between 4 AM and 10 AM Pacific time today… Sorry about that. There was a problem with the discord API and our bot went off-line during a time where there was no one awake to notice or correct it. We fixed it around 10 AM Chia time however, and you should be able to get verified now if you haven’t already.

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Just came back from this morning, This is whats on my screen now.

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Our queue is all caught up now and being processed roughly in real time. You should be in by now, and if not and were rejected, it’s because you don’t have at least one external platform connection, or you do but they are marked private and we can’t see them.

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Does the connection need to remain public after joining the channel? Or is it possible to make it private or even remove it without being kicked out?

It needs to remain public.

We are no longer using a special bot with manual verification, and are instead using a built-in feature of Discord they rolled out this spring that allows a server to auto-assign roles based on Application Connections. So long as you have any one connection opted into the link, then the proper roles will be assigned to access everything, no more queue or review by staff… however if you remove the linked application then the role will be immediately removed by the server.

More about how this works can be found here, for the curious:

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