Chia only 8 Peer Connections anymore?

Hello guys,
today after i restarted my Full Node im only getting 8 Peer Connections anymore.
Anytime before i had 80 Connections.

My Port 8444 on the Router is opened for my PC.
I also tested it on “Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router” which tells me Port 8444 is opened.

**Does anyone of you have any suggestions for me? I always had 80 Connections until i restarted my computer… **
My Computer made a windows update, but i checked, my firewall etc. is still disabled so this shouldnt be the problem either…

I really hope someone can help me =)


Maybe they changed something to make the network work better, I restarted a farmer today and the resync time was much lower.

8 connections is plenty to be able to keep in sync with the network and receive/respond to challenges.

Here is a question for network-types. I do not have open port 8444 yet I am sync’d and farming away quite happily, how come?

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I’ve been playing/restarting today too. As well, eight nodes, not 80 here. Just restarted again, so maybe it takes time for more? Or I have noticed that (farmr GUI - a super excellent dashboard BTW) shows lately there is a diverse country spread to connections. I think it (niocely) odd that I should have 3 US, Poland, UK, S Korea, France, and Norway connections with only eight. Is that something new or what?

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Yeah I have the same issue…
Im connected to Argentina lol never had that before…
I guess it’s some sort of weird ,update“??

So I don’t have a direct answer to your problem without digging a bit more and exploring a few troubleshooting steps, but right off the bat I can say that 8 connections is the default configuration for the maximum number of outgoing connections you will make to other nodes, and will ignore any firewall issues you might have.

Translation: NO in-bound node connections are being initiated. You are only connecting to nodes YOU reach out to, and are capping out at the max of 8. So sounds like nothing is getting through to you. By chance do you have UPNP and port forwarding for 844 open at the same time? Turn one off and only rely on the other if so.

I’m at 10 currently, so 8 apparently is not the limit.

I never reached more than 8 peers since March. I got tired of looking for answers and fixing it. It’s syncing and responding to challenges so it’s a good thing. With pools I don’t think you’ll need more peers. Having many peers is only good for solo mining.

Why see it as an issue? Are you missing challenges? If not then all that has happened is that your Chia setup is optimised not bloated with connections.