Chia plot change farmer_public_key

I created a plot without specifying any parameters, now I get the warning “plot has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer’s pk list”. Using a PHP script, I would simply exchange the key from offset 108. I would like to know if I can do it or not?

  • The opposite is stated in a comment below.
    Don’t do this to you plot files, as Christian said, the content, the data that creates the actaul proofs are based on these keys - if you get a proof, you are going to have hell signing it with another private key - you will not successfully farm a block with this! it is worthless

Honestly, if it’s just one plot… delete it and create a new one with the correct parameters.

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I wonder if there are good or bad plots? Does a plot with a value of “Proofs 39 / 30, 1.3” have any significance?

I agree with you, a single plot could actually simply be deleted. But as I’ve read, there are people who have a few more. I have now exchanged the “farmer_public_key” key. Now the plot is recognized via “chia plots check”.

If you could just change the public key in a plot file, people would be able to sell existing plots without giving away the private key. This is not how it works, I think it’s highly likely that you’re modified plot cannot possibly win for you.

Plots are already being sold. See But it is more of a contract work, because the plot is created with your keys. If keys could be officially exchanged, production could take place before.

The fact is, I have now changed a key and am actually farming with it, I would like to know from the official side whether I can continue. It bothers me that I don’t see a hint from chia anywhere whether it works or not. So far it is only guesswork.

If this were possible it would totally break Chia, hard to fathom this hasn’t been accounted for. Create one set of plots, exchange the keys on the fly for each customer, that’s nearly zero effort plots. Each customer wins at the same time, because it’s the same data. I don’t see this happening.

I agree with you, your argument is correct. There must be no plot with two different farme_public_key. One customer does the work and two have a profit. But since I haven’t seen an error message stating that it doesn’t work, I am of the opinion that I could continue to farm. But now I have moved the plot first.