Chia Plot Status app. Shows all data of current and past plots

Not mine but i thought to share.

Chia Plot Status GitHub - grayfallstown/Chia-Plot-Status: Tool to Monitor and Analyse Chia Plotting log files, show health and progress of running plots and estimated time to completion

Its a great graphical way of seeing all plots process data if you are using the default GUI.

Been trying different apps and OS to see which one i find more suitable for me. In the end Iā€™m having both Linux and Windows dual boot :slight_smile:


ive seen that on a screenshot before, but didnt know, what it was.
Do u know, if it works with swars plotmanager too? That uses the original chia.exe afaik.

It is purely a log observer so that should work with any plot manager that uses the official chia.exe .

I have been using this for a while now and find it highly informative


works for the GUI but I just starting using SWAR is there a way to use this tool instead of looking at status in command prompt lines, thanks guys