Chia plots check -g shows Invalid

I use chia-cli on linux.the version is 1.8.1rc2.
I have some compressed plots that plotted by bladebit with gpu.
when i use this command,it shows like this:
Invalid plot header magic Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/root/chia-blockchain/chia/plotting/”, line 274, in process_file
prover = DiskProver(str(file_path))
ValueError: Invalid plot header magic

Can somebody tell me why?

That sounds like that version of chia plots check does not support compressed plots.

You sure you are using the right dev version?

yes,I switch to chia-blockchain-cli_1.8.1rc3-dev32-638b4376,that is ok

So it’s working now?

If not:


That is the one that I know of that supports the compressed plots in chia plots check (using CPU)