Chia Plots from Russia

Hi everyone.
My Xeon is ready and waiting to start making plots for you! Russian plots are seasoned in our climate and ready to catch a lot of Chia blocks :smiley:

Just 3 simple steps

  1. choose a plan
  • 10 plots - 30$
  • 50 plots - 137$
  • 100 plots - 255$
  • 1000 plots - individual
  1. give your public farmer and pool keys
  • NO mnemonic, only public keys
  1. pick up your plots
  • direct upload to your server (FTP, Wasabi, Amazon or else)
  • download from my server (it will cost some $, depending on the volume)

I accept PayPal or crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, XCH)

You can find me here:
telegram - @stickmannn
mail -
or PM me here