: 1 free plot for everyone , then 1.9€/plot ! + bulk discounts , control panel UI , fully automated , paypal payments, live system status, just try it free

We just lowered the price! (AGAIN!) , search our previous posts/activity in this forum!

  • Right now we are plotting at full capacity but new requests will be queued and there is a priority balancer so your plots always start ASAP! ( even if we are full new jobs starts in about 1h)

  • 1 plot FREE for everyone, so you can test everything ( control panel, automation and downloads )

  • the price is fixed 1.9€/plot any order amount, for bulk discount contact us directly here or by the site contact form \ email

  • payment over paypal ( crypto coming soon contact us if you need )

  • emails on jobs completitions

contact us by email at if you need help of have suggestions

please don’t abuse the free plot services with multiple accounts ( we have checks in place )

1 more thing : there could be a bit of crowding in the first few days due to the price change and the
retroactive free orders, soon all will be served (from the homepage it is possible to monitor the overall load and in the control panel the progress of each single plot)

Hi everyone, we added a screenshot of the control panel so you can see how it works without even register ,

We are digesting some large orders since ~2 days… and queue length should ease again in 2/3 hours ( see current load in homepage )

Update: large order completed :slight_smile:

Currently we went from 200plots backlog to 0! And also increased capacity yesterday com’on if someone want to try this is a good day

You can read a bit of our history on the forum, having 0 jobs on queue your plots will start immediately! ( For some days we has been so busy that everyone was queued even small orders )