Chia plotting I/O operations study

I want to understand what is happening when the plots are generated. In each phase what I/O is done in the system. Can someone share useful stuff regarding this?

Nowadays you would have to be more specific. Since there are many different ways you can plot now. Back in May 2021, I did a test that outlined what happened at what point (link below). But that information is only good for the standard plotting. If you are doing any type of compressed plots or RAMDisk or GPU or using any other 3rd party software, a lot changes.

Thanks @WolfGT I was looking for standard plotting information. Like in phase 1 what I/O is done when . many sites say The I/O operations in phases include reading the initial data from the temporary file, performing additional mathematical operations to transform the data, and writing the final plot data to the plot file on the storage device. I want to understand these steps. Your guide clears much of the doubts I have!!