Chia Plotting on Gigahorse -3 mode GPU plotting for 8GB RAM systems. Systems comparison

Did a lot of benchmarking around various GPUs and PCIe 4 and 3 systems with the Gigahorse latest release and the -3 flag for super low end RAM systems (normie desktop towers really) and I am surprised to see such comparable times on all the systems.

The biggest takeaway seems to be that the sustained performance of the -3 drive dictates the overall plot speed. The highest end GPU tested (3070) on a 5950x system with DDR4/PCIe4/NVMe gen 4 didn’t fair better vs a P2000 5GB on a B450 Gen 3 PCIe NVMe gen 3 system. Same NVMe used on both machines. Good news for the smaller crowd complaining about not having enough RAM to plot with. I think you could buy a decent -3 class plotter for 225-250 with GPU included in that cost. Most likely folks have stuff hanging around that could work for this also.