Chia Plotting Services - Price Comparison

Morning gang, As i was looking through all of the plotting services today anyway i thought it might be useful to list them out with some more info and a price comparison table.
It’s still a work in progress and will be updated throughout the rest of today as i research more sites, but here is the link for now.

Hope it’s of some use :slight_smile: Cheers JonBoy


Hi Jon,

Thank you for the review on your website!

We noticed that there a question mark under our location – we offer free overnight (return) shipping to all U.S. residents, and we are also able to accommodate fill physical drives for large orders from other countries around the world. thanks for the info, will update today :slight_smile:

hello JonBoyCrypto,
thank you for your review
check your mp, i’m sending you some intel
Nice day to all plotters !

Check out

Hi john
Can you somehow add my service on your list?

Hi @Chiaploter sure thing, do you have a website or any info etc you can give me.


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Yes sure. web I can handle up to 6000plots per day but now high demand. Also price is depend of qty lets say start price 4$/per plot my equipment is located in Germany London and Finland you can add
And whatsapp number +38766686303
Thank you very much

We are offering plotting services out of the US. Currently, our plotting speed is 50TB/day and increasing weekly as new servers being put into production. Right now we’re just finishing our partner’s plots and one big order that will take about 2 weeks. We will start taking orders in 1-2 weeks as pool-ready plots are introduced. The price is 20/TB plus shipping. We do not offer downloads as we do not have the bandwidth to upload them at the moment, we are exploring the possibility. More information at

We would love to be on your list.
Thank you.

i can also plot for others as i do not have storage space yet


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Hey, Duncan here from - currently offering downloads from EU servers for £4 / plot. Discounts for larger amounts.

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Hey, $1.5 per plot giveaway. US priority, but can deliver to EU.

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We have 200TB/day plotting capacity and charging $3 per plot, discounts for larger orders. We can ship drives or you can download your plots from our dedicated gigabit downlink. We’re located in Colorado. contact phil at

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