Chia pooling - Errors

my SD card crashed, so I needed to reinstall Raspbian64 and chia on my raspberry Pi4.
Plots are on external HDDs.
The blockchain and walletDB are on an external SSD as well. All this has been untouched by the SD card change.
Self farming works again.

However, before the reinstall i have been farming to a pool.
After the reinstall, due to issues with pooling at Flexpool, I left the pool by executing:
chia plotnft leave -i 2

I rejoined the pool with
chia plotnft join -i 2 -u

chia plotnft show
shows that I am farming to the pool.

However, I do not see my farmer in the flexpool dashboard.
The chia log file shows strange errors
WARNING GET /farmer response: {‘error_code’: 10, ‘error_message’: ‘Requested farmer is unknown’}
WARNING POST /farmer response: {‘error_code’: 14, ‘error_message’: ‘Invalid singleton state (Ensure that your PlotNFT is pointed to’}
Error in pooling: (10, ‘Requested farmer is unknown’)

Any advice?

Iirc someone had a similar issue recently.
I believe @Jacek advised them, and they needed to get some data from the old .yaml and copy it to the new one.

Do you have a copy of your old config?

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Delete config.yaml and wallet DB and of course backup and then sync. It might help.

Take a look at that suggestion - Pool connecting - #3 by Jacek.

If you still have that old SD, maybe somehow you can recover the old config.yaml.

Also, chia logs are rather abusive, so you should also symlink those to that external SSD. Most likely those logs killed your SD, as otherwise there is not much activity there.

I would also suggest that you get @Chris22 involved to get it resolved (if what was suggested already will not help). The errors you listed are most likely coming from Flexpool (chia is just repeating them, not really interpreting). It may be that there is a bug in either chia’s or Flex’s implementation, and it manifests itself with problems with leaving Flex pool (the only one that was reported having such problems, thus suggesting this is Flex’s problem). So, your local installation will suggest that you have already left Flex, but somehow Flex will still cling to your .25 XCH wins, and based on previous report, Flex is not going to return it to you, even if you would be already pooling with a different pool.

Its not a bug with Flexpool…your NFT is onchain. None of that is related to pool software. It generally takes 100 blocks to join a pool from self-pooling assuming that the chain has included your transaction in a block. This 100 block period prevents some exploits. The only thing that may vary between pools is that 100 block period, I believe some have it at 70.

Every NFT is basically the same in this respect. The whole NFT 0.25/1.75 pooling system is baked into Chia its not up to pools.

If your NFT redirects the block 1.75 award to us it is then divided up among our farmers within the next hour. I don’t get why that is seen as “greedy” or “wrong”. I don’t see how you can expect us to steal from our farmers future income to repay someone who “thinks” they did the NFT correct but somehow it didn’t. Onchain is transparent in that if things happen its not something malicious from us. Just because somepool may steal from their farmers in a specific case doesn’t mean we should.

If you steal from the farmer in the first place (what is documented on this forum), then repaying that farmer for your wrongs is far from “steal from our farmers future income.”

If you want to paint that scam differently, please use the original thread, as all the data is there.

Hi all, thanks for the prompt responses.

I have my old config.yaml - SD card didnt boot anymore, but I can mount it on my Mac.
The section described at [Pool connecting - #3 by Jacek] is in my old and new config.yaml. This is consistent.
Currently resyncing the wallet. Will let you guys know.

And thanks for the hint, i symlinked the databases to an external SSD, but didnt think about the log-file…

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Wallet has rather nothing to do with pooling (only influences what UI will show you). Therefore, if that pool section is exactly the same as what is in the old config.yaml, you should see your harvester on Flex already.

Based on your chia’s output, you are pooling with Flex. Based on Flex’s responses, their side looks like is confused (thus the error Flex is sending). Based on what @Chris22 stated, 20 mins or so, and the change should be propagated. Although, some people reported before that changing pool during dust-storms is slow, so maybe the mempool is congested.

Although, one thing you may still want to check is whether your payout addresses are still the same as before.

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Exactly, i tricked myself with a different payout address that I overlooked. And i got sidetracked with the log errors and didnt check this carefully.

Works again.

Thanks for the help - highly appreciated.

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You mean, you can see your harvester on Flex’s side?

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Exactly, i can see it an pool farming works again.

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Cool, happy to see your farm working again.

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