Chia price history by transaction

Is there a tool that anybody knows of or any other way to find out the price of chia for a transaction. I mean a way to figure out what the price of chia was at the time of pool payout to you or when you found a block if solo mining?

Some pools provide a list of payouts along with the price at the time of payout.
Often in *.xls or export to CSV.

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I’ve just been looking the price up each time I receive some XCH.

Chia price today, XCH to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

If you’ve got a lot of transactions you need to lookup, it may well be possible to automate it, but I’ve got no idea on that front.

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Thank you both from the input. I do appreciate it.

If you are looking for just a single price per day (e.g., good enough for tax purposes), you can download csv from

I too, like to do my own taxes.

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I used to do my taxes for the last couple years. It can read the Chia block chain if you know all your used wallet addresses.

coincodex has the full history that you can download in a CSV format. Just click here, choose a date range, then click the Export button.