Chia selling prefarm

There is a high chance of xch going to close to zero now because CNI is basically out of runway, and there isnt enough market for them to sell their tokenized securities into.

However, this may push them to reallocate efforts from development to pumping the price (and getting it listed on exchanges) so it may go up (temporarily) so they can secure financing. In this window, if this happens, you might be able to frontrun them a bit in unloading.

So basically it can go either way but there is going to be a binary event. Something will happen one way or another. Soon.

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If anyone is interested in the real story, please check out CNI discord where Gene is providing updates.

Do not listen to the drivel above.

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Well, it’s definitely a case of VCs and corporate taking care of themselves (not necessarily arguing they shouldn’t, it’s not a charity).

Dear Doomer,
It has recently come to my attention you are in panic mode, while I can understand the knee-jerk reaction your scenario is highly unlikely, allow me to present a more realistic scenario that is rooted in logic and past real world business dealings.

Assuming they actually reach a point where they sell coins (its only ONE of many options they have), it would in my opinion most likely be a private party sale to one of the many groups that has been trying to get stock or a bag of coins for the past several years, they would likely hold on to that rather than dump on the market because thats the whole point of acquiring privately, get a slightly reduced cost so they don’t have to pay a premium to accumulate while simultaneously not dumping the market.

Now extending that very normal and logical process thats been done with corporations worldwide, you could also say this is when they would look for someone to do it with who is strategically aligned with them, I’ll let your clearly big imagination run wild with who or what that could look like, but in short, why would they shoot themselves in the foot selling on the exchanges when they can shake a hand with a long-term strategic partner who wants a bag of their own for down the road?

Seriously people, stop having such a lack of strategic thought on this, lemons into lemonade.

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Time to panic!

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