Choice of PPLNS or PPS on 21Chia

We know how badly you all wanted pools for stable payout. The day has come and you now have more options than ever before, and we’re introducing one more feature so every farmer can find his ideal pooling choice: PPLNS or PPS payouts in the same pool.

Right now we pay out with 0%fee PPLNS but we’re going to offer PPS (2% fee) as an option shortly (in the next 24h-48h, configurable in our dashboard), so you’ll be able to choose between 0 fee and some variance (depending on how regularly we find blocks) or a small fee and guaranteed stable payouts with PPS.

Our company is funding this operation to be able to afford PPS payments even if the pool has streak of bad luck (on PPS you get paid the same even if no blocks are farmed for a while).

Point your NFTs to and start earning!