CLI For Beginners!


First of all, thank you for being a member of this fantastic team.

I use Windows so I don’t write commands.
I see CLI commands everywhere on the forum so I tried it too. Unsuccessfully! This is obviously my shortcoming and I would certainly be able to gather information from the internet but that is a lot of the time.
Here, on the other hand, there are professionals who are absolutely competent in the subject.

I used: Windows PowerShell, Windows Command Line, Python 3.9
I always get an error message I didn’t execute the command.

I would be grateful for a description that non-programmers can use. I think this is a problem for many of us.
For example:

  • should I open it as a system administrator or not?
  • download command sets
  • set up synchronization
  • harvest status check
    and much more that I don’t know about but is evident to a programmer.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, I’m glad you want to learn!

Read this and follow. Do each item slowly one at a time: Introduction to the Windows Command Line with PowerShell | Programming Historian

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Thanks for the reply very useful basic information would be included. But the description does not answer my real questions.
Can I get a specific chia specific command line collection?
That would be a huge help.
Thank you

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This video just got me started


It was the right thing, in a way, because if you do not know the basics (and based on your question, you have a lot to learn), you will keep making mistakes.

Don’t expect there to be recipes for you to follow. It’s important to know the basics if you want to save time and make less mitakes.

Thanks to everyone for the answers!
It all helped me get on the hard road.
The direction to learn, to learn, to learn is clear.