Click window to send to back

My question applies to both Windows and Linux:

Sometimes you might have a bunch of windows arranged where they overlap. So you click one of them and it comes to the front (now covering other windows).

The only why I know of, to get the original windows arrangement back, is to keep clicking on all of the other windows, bringing each one to the front, until they are stacked as I originally had them stacked.

Is there a way to click on a window where it will be sent to the back, behind all of the other windows?
I do not mean minimized. I mean its placement within the rest of the windows.

When I do a web search, I get answers to everything other than my goal. Perhaps someone here knows how to accomplish this task, or knows a forum that might be well suited for this question?

Don’t know on Linux GUI, never used one, only CLI for me on Linux.

But on Windows you can script your window layouts using API calls, so you can position your windows and the layer order in which they appear. You can write code from scratch or use other tools such as AutoIt or Cmdow.

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I JUST remembered!

ALT + tab. Gives the function your looking for I believe as it will leave windows and place and cycle through them. Sending them to back.

Your welcome :yum:

There are also other hot keys that do quick things like minimize Ect. Just have to look into what windows hot keys work best for you.

If you have many windows stacked, then using alt-tab will require you to bring each window, one at a time, in front of the window that you want to have in the back.

And to keep the stack of windows in the same order, you have to bring each window in front in the proper order.

That is too much work, and prone to making mistakes.
Windows allows a single click to bring a window to the front. So bringing it to the back should also be a single click option (perhaps while holding down a key).

I want to send a window to the back; not minimize it. I want it to be visible on the desktop, even while behind other windows.

I have my “focus” set to wherever my mouse hoovers.
I can type in windows that are behind other windows, as long as my mouse can rest on a single pixel of the window in the back.

@BadgerStork replied with what looks like what I am seeking. I have not yet tried it. It is on my to-do list.

—alt—escape— 20 char

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