Compatible Chia Client Version for Raspberry Pi 4 / 8 GB, Windows 10 ARM64

Hi Chia Community,

as you maybe know, since a few years there a several projects to make it possible to run windows 11 or 10 on a raspberry pi 4. I`ll gave it try and installed it. I must say its very stable and very smooth. My plan is to run chia client with GUI only for farming not for plotting of course.

Question is: Is there a arm64 based chia client for rp’s windows 10 or 11 ? If not, is here somebody of the core development team and can take this point into the next branch or something. It would be a nice alternative :wink:
i saw already on the chia website, there is a arm64 version but its only for Linux OS.

Please dont advise me to use linux systems and so on. I am normally a linux user and have already many harvesters running on ubuntu or raspberry pi os.
There are some reasons why i want to try a windows machine. So…

What i am trying right now to get it work is, to compile/ install it on my own from the git repo, but there was already several issues with the wheel installation and so on. i am looking forward…

Thank you guys


Its called add money and stir. Just asking how long have you run chia on a windows or linux setup?


very long… why you want to know?

I agree!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx …

arm64 is not availaible for windows and its not the same like x86 & x64 . So what do you agree?

I agreed that Bones deleted his post. With all the versions already available for users Download - Chia Network you want somebody to come out with another version because you have an idea? Go over to Keybase ( Keybase (chia_network.public) and ask the question there and tell them you will fund the project and see where that takes you.


arm64 is not availaible for windows and its not the same like x86 & x64.

You can use WSL under windows so follow the Ubuntu build from source installation instructions

I think he wants to run all this on the Raspberry Pi. My take is with all the shovels Chia has provided, he now wants them to come up with a different spoon to dig fence posts.

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