Compressing with bladebit C9 compression but plots not showing?

Hi there, I’m doing some bladebit cuda plotting at C9 through the official client (latest version). However the GUI doesn’t seem to show the C9 plots, why would that be? Seems odd…

This is the official documentation, clearly referencing C9:


In the chia GUI un the settings tab do you have “Compressed plot support” on?

I’m pretty sure Bladebit C9 is not supported, highest is C7.

Do you think if he ran Gigahorse (start_famer) then chia GUI the plots might show up???

hey ronny how is your win ratio with c19 set?

yes, I have loads of C7 plots, no problem. And in the config.yaml, set max compression level to 9

So why does the documentation I referenced above suggest otherwise?

Because its CNI and they struggle to keep their documentation correct, that’s my guess.

I’m pretty sure if search you’re debug logs you’ll find an error for the C9 plots, the yaml should be set to a max of C7

max_compression_level_allowed: 7

There was issues with C8 and C9, and whilst you can plot C9 you can’t farm it, I’m pretty certain nothing has changed.

Just searched Chia Discord:

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Its ticking along as before some under 100% some over.

@chiasuperfarmer Here’s the official answer.

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Would be nice if they could also add harvester plug-ins and charging agreements. That would allow things like GH or NoSSD to be just drop in operations and CLI/GUI permission to run / charge. Also, that would simplify dev side a lot.

thanks a lot! Wouldn’t hurt them to add to the documentation that it’s not available yet as a feature, I guess…

I guess that’s the opposite of not keeping the documentation up to date.