Computer crashed during sync

I made the bad decision of synching on a new computer from scratch (didn’t know at that time you could copy the blockchain sqllite files from an already fully synced computer).

In the middle of the sync yesterday the computer crashed (not related to chia). Now I am 6+ hours in and it still not fully synced. So I am wondering the following:

  1. Can this crash corrupt the blockchain or is it fault tolerant enough to pickup where it left off seamlessly?

  2. After the sync is done, how will I know the blockchain db is not corrupt? Is there a test I can run to check this similar to the plot check cli command?

  3. How long does a typical sync (from scratch) process take? I am 6+ hours in and I have no idea how much more is left. The current difficulty level it is showing for me is 19. The blockchain)v1_mainnet.sqllite file is about 984MB, I am on a threadripper pro 32C 3.5Ghz computer so not a slouch and I have forwarded port 8444 to this new computer.


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Shouldn’t matter, the system is setup to only give you a non-corrupt database. You can still copy the one from your other computer you know… no need to wait the about 12-24 hours this will probably take otherwise. :sweat_smile:


Learned the hard way. Doing daily backups of the blockchain from now on :rofl:

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