Computer rebuild

So I rebuilt my computer today, had to do fresh reinstall of Windows etc.

Put Chia back on and whilst it is showing my 4 hard drives with the plots on (under add plot directory) but it is also listing them as ‘plots not found’ ?!

Is this a bug in the software?

Any ideas how to fix it as I’m not starting from scratch re. plotting.


Maybe a bug in the GUI? you can check the config.yaml file to see if the folder paths are actually set correctly

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Does the account you are running under have permission to the plot directories and the plots? A “fresh” user account, even with the same name and password, is still a different account than the one from the old install.

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Well I’ve granted ‘Everyone’ full permission to access the files.

The GUI shows me this:-


The config.yaml file shows this:-


  • G:\
  • E:\
  • F:\
  • I:\

And you are using the same key as the one those plots were plotted under?

Did a cold shutdown and restart of the PC and it now sees all the plots!

Thanks for your thoughts.

Going to keep the farm going for a few more weeks before I decide whether to carry-on or cut my losses and flog the hardware.

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