Connecting multiple external HDDs to a single power supply


I am running a large number of Seagate external HDDs (well, greater than total outlet space with power strips, anways). I’ve run out of outlet space and cannot seem to locate the appropriately sized splitter cables to connect multiple drives to the same power source. I thought the size was 5.5x2.1mm for the male end, but Im fairly certain after trying and failing with a splitter cable of that size, that the true size is 5.5mmx2.5mm ( 12 volt 3 amp ). Wondering if anyone runs a rig like this and if anyone has a link for the correct size splitter cable?


Like you I searched for 5.5mm x 2.5mm splitters but in the end the search returned zero results. Its strange, no one seems to make these. There are plenty of 5.5x2.1mm splitters around for CCTV, but no splitters with 5.5x2.5mm barrel connectors.

I haven’t gotten to the point of needing to yet, but what I intend to do is wire things up manually to a 12v PSU. Something like this guy… but safer :sweat_smile::

thank you for this, i found a splitter cable finally on amazon… hoping it works when i receive it today. options are very limited as you know, but im optimistic!

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Don’t keep it to yourself. If it works please share ! :grin:

the 2.5mm did not work either. Very disappointed… still too small. i put in a support query with seagate. they have no documentation available online about the size if the inputs.

Maybe the splitters you received were actually 2.1’s. I’m fairly sure the seagate sockets are 2.5mm…

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could be… the description is clear with the 5.5x2.5. Agreed on the sockets, the documentation on Seagates site confirms that. the hunt continues i suppose