Could pausing plotting feature help increase adoption even more?

Hi. I was thinking for the people who turn on and off the computers and have chia mining as something they do when computer is on maybe it would be a good idea to have a feature that allowed users to pause plotting? This way we would increase adoption with these types of users.

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Or if your computer crashes or get shut down unexpectedly being able to continue where you left off… I got the impression when I asked that this was a difficult feature to build but it would be nice and I agree with you…

I’m fairly certain I saw Bram/Gene comment that they will eventually make this possible, their focus for now though is launching transactions and then adding support for pools.


I also heard that resuming plots will be a feature in the future from the Chia Team


Yep, it’s coming. Just gotta be patient as it’s priority is behind transactions


Turns out you can kinda pause plotting in Windows a variety of different ways. But you can’t turn the computer off, just sleep the whole PC or suspend the process.