CPU Compressed Plotting

Is it possible to create compressed plots with a CPU and 64GB of RAM at a higher compression than C9 GH?

madMAx43v3r/chia-gigahorse (github.com)

That only allows for C9 with CPU.

Do you literally mean “create compressed plots” with a CPU?
As far as I know, just about any hardware can create compressed plots.

I am asking because… harvesting compressed plots, in time to submit your proof, is the challenge.

How do I create compressed plots at c10 or higher with CPU?

I don’t think you can create plots higher than C9 without a GPU.

Also what is the point, without a GPU you can’t farm them anyway.

What about higher compression with an AMD GPU? It seems everything is CUDA.

That’s because there is problems with AMD.

A dedicated plotter, that will copy the compressed plots to a GPU equipped harvester.

But they don’t have a GPU harvester.